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Winway Apartments, Blacksburg, VA, circa 1957

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More from my Dad’s 8mm home movies. My parents and I lived in the Winway Apartments in Blacksburg from 1956 to 1958 while my dad went to grad school at Virginia Tech. The name of the apartments derived from the combination of the first names of the owners, Winifred and Conway. Conway Strickler built the apartments after World War II. There were five separate buildings. We lived in Building C; Conway and Winifred and their three kids lived in Building A. The apartment buildings are still there, in the 700 block of South Main Street. In the ’90s, they were called Maple Tree Court. Don’t know what they’re called now.

Conway Strickler also built the smaller Strickler Apartments in 1948 at 403-405 Progress Street. There’s a PDF of a Blacksburg Historic Resources Survey from 1996 that provides a little bit of info on the architectural details of that building.

My Mom remembers that the girl on the far left in the last scene was named Ginny and that the girl in the middle was her sister Marian. Ginny and Marian had a brother named David and their parents were Suzanne and Floyd. No recollection of their last name, unfortunately, or of the other girl’s name.


Written by Dean Jeffrey

October 26, 2011 at 5:04 pm

Virginia Tech Homecoming Parade, Blacksburg, VA, 1957

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My dad shot a lot of 8mm film in the fifties and sixties. Vacation stuff, Christmas morning, things like that. In the early eighties, he had all those films transferred to Betamax and then, to the best of my knowledge, got rid of all the original films (because, after all, he’d preserved them to videotape, right?)

Two reels of film escaped the trip to the dumpster, however, and my mom gave them to me a couple years ago. I took them down to Home Movie Day in Raleigh, where they were projected, and I was able to see just what was on them. There was footage of my parents and me in Paris in 1956 (where my dad was stationed in the army), footage from Christmas back in the states in 1957, and lots of footage from Virginia Tech (where my dad went to grad school from 1956 to 1958).

My friend Jerry was working at Home Movie Day as a film inspector and offered to transfer them to DVD, allowing me to be able to rip clips and post them on YouTube. This bit of film is from the Virginia Tech Homecoming Parade in 1957. It looks like my dad was standing on N. Main St. near the corner of Main and College Ave. I especially like the part where the guy in the turkey suit appears to lose his way, and dig the cats rockin’ out at the end. That part really makes me wish this had sound.

Written by Dean Jeffrey

October 1, 2011 at 7:53 pm